Product Development

Do your products engage with users?

We are highly proficient designers and engineers with the ability to create, improve or update your products to their full potential to increase sales.

Mechanical Engineering

Are you sure your manufacturing is lean and cost effective?

Using reverse engineering we can extract information from machinery, allowing us to fully understand the function, creating equipments that are user friendly, efficient and cheaper to manufacture.

Manufacturing Liaison

Do you need assistance with your product manufacturing?

We provide ongoing support during the production process, acting as a liaison with your manufacturer.

We have experience of taking products to market and have been liaising with overseas manufacturers, particularly in China for over ten years. This allows us to give greater advice on decisions that may need to be made throughout this process.

Product Visual Identity

Is your brand identity visible in your products?

It is valuable to remain consistent with your product range, this will allow customers to differentiate your business from competitors. We see that your business identity features in your products with designs that express your brand.

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