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Using CAD engineering to create viable and manufacturable 3D product designs.

Before rapid prototyping or manufacturing, your product must be 3D engineered. Designeering offers CAD design services to create the detailed technical designs for new products, making changes and reverse engineering to recreate or improve existing components.

3D visualisation

At the CAD engineering stage, you can really see your product coming together. CAD modelling enables us to create a 3D visualisation of the concepts, which we can then work with and refine. We can also produce a photo-realistic 3D product rendering if you want to see one.

When your final concept design is approved, we’ll move on to 3D product design, refining it, then transforming it into suitable 2D technical designs or 3D CAD files required for prototyping or manufacture.

CAD design services

Do you already have a product, but need to make changes to it? Maybe you want to adapt it for a new end user, or need to update it in line with technological changes. Perhaps you need to modernise the look of the product to make it more appealing.

In this case, you need our CAD design services. We’ll take your existing product and reimagine it with a new or revised 3D product design. When you’ve approved the final design, we’ll create the new technical drawings you’ll need for manufacturing.

Reverse engineering

Do you have a physical item you want to recreate or improve on, but no CAD engineering data to work from? It could be a whole product or an individual component.

We can reverse engineer it for you, using the physical item itself.

To do this, we carefully inspect and record the measurements of your existing item, then use those measurements to create a fresh 3D CAD model and, later, the technical drawings you need.

Do you need CAD engineering expertise?

Designeering can offer you a high degree of technical knowledge with an innovative sense of creativity. We use CAD systems, like SolidWorks, to create the detailed design you need.

Our belief that anything is possible means we see projects and problems differently and often find solutions where others have failed.

If you feel your project would benefit from our superior knowledge and vast experience, the next step is to send us an enquiry.