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A penchant for exceptional design is at the heart of Designeering’s ethos.

Designeering was founded in the early 1990s, by French creative director, Sébastien de La Hamayde. Our aim is simple: to design products and graphics of distinction, with an incomparable combination of French avant-garde creativity and solid British design expertise.

Graphic design meets product engineering

The Designeering team shares an appreciation and respect for beautiful, functional and user-friendly design. We have a creative and imaginative approach, combined with commercial awareness and a commitment to staying au fait with the latest methods and techniques in our industries.

Meet the team

Meet the multi-disciplined team behind Designeering. Each member has their own specialist skill set and brings something unique to the table.

  • Gareth Mueller

    Web Developer

    Gareth began developing websites in the Windows 98 era. Since then, he has continually evolved and adapted, following the latest coding protocols to produce websites that are fast, responsive and adhere to current standards.

    I was coming of age when the Internet first took off. I decided to learn about website development and have adapted year on year with all the changes that have come about. I strive to maintain my good coding practice, ensuring websites work behind the scenes as well as look great.

  • Ella Fletcher


    Ella is a creative copywriter with more than 15 years’ professional writing experience covering a wide range of industries. She’s a prolific copywriter and blog writer with special interests in design and technology.

    I enjoy variety and embrace the chance to learn new things. Since becoming a copywriter I’ve written on all kinds of subjects, from food, fashion and tourism to workplace health and safety. I specialise in punchy sales copy, content creation and SEO copywriting for the web.

  • Nicolas Sayer

    3D Designer

    Nicolas is a highly experienced designer who has mastered 3D rendering, animation, technical drawing and prototype production. He is enthusiastic, curious and loves solving complex technical challenges with demanding time constraints.

    Since my childhood, I’ve always been addicted to creating stuff, which is probably where I got my passion for engineering. Outside of work I enjoy life, the universe and everything!

What could we do for you?

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients over the years. Transforming their businesses with professional visual branding and helping them create beautiful, functional and award-winning products.

To see examples of these projects and get a sense of our style and capabilities, you can visit our work page.

If you feel you’ve seen enough and would like to discuss a possible project, follow this link for our full contact details.