Sébastien de La Hamayde

Creative Director

Sébastien is the creative force and first point of contact for clients. Working on all aspects of the design process from concept to production, Sebastien approaches his work with a certain joie de vivre often going the extra mile to ensure client work is perfect.

“My passion for design comes from when I was a kid, dismantling bikes and making my very own tricycle. I went on to study product design at university before starting Designeering using my talents in design to help businesses.”

Gareth Mueller

Web Developer

Gareth has been developing websites since the Window 98 era. With over 18 years experience creating successful websites you can be sure your online presence is in safe hands.

“I was coming of age when the Internet first took off. I decided to learn about website development and have adapted year on year with all the changes that have come about. I strive to maintain my good coding practice, ensuring websites work behind the scenes as well as look great.”

Claire Morris


Claire is the newest member of our team. A very prolific copywriter and blogger, she has worked with large and small companies alike for over 15 years.

“Communication is vital to the growth and sustainability of businesses, it’s an exciting time to be a copywriter. The age of social media has opened up a wealth of marketing opportunities, and I enjoy to help promoting a wide range of clients by being creative with blogs and articles.”

Nicolas Sayer

3D Designer

Nicolas is enthusiastic and curious, he loves solving complex technical challenges within demanding time constraints. Throughout his two-decade career, he has mastered 3D renderings, animations, technical drawings and prototypes production.

“Since my childhood, I’ve always been addicted to creating stuff, which is probably where I got my passion for engineering. Outside of work I enjoy life, the universe & everything!”