We are Designeering,

a full service creative agency specialising in Branding, Marketing, Website Development, Packaging, Product Design and Rapid Prototyping.

A unique blend of French flair and British design expertise since 1994. Over two decades later, there is the same desire to discover, imagine, create, innovate and inspire. Clients choose us for our lateral thinking, creative execution and we’re approachable.


Building your brand up to its full potential.

A strong image adds value and differentiates your company from the competition. A well branded business evokes a sense of trust, reliability and quality. Let poor branding be a thing of the past, move your business forward by utilising Designeering (our) brand building skills and experience.


Putting your business in the hearts and minds of the audience.

Communicating with your audience is essential for any business, be at the top of your market. We develop ideas based on an original approach, enjoying the creative process. To promote your business through marketing campaigns, look no further.


Creating websites to reflect your business.

In today’s market an online presence is just as important as a physical presence. A website has often been described as a 24 hour salesperson, therefore it is vital to make a positive impact. The sites we build are coded and designed to guarantee an engaging user experience.


Making your products stand out from the competition.

Never underrate the importance of a box or wrapper, it needs to be functional, attractive and informative to make a difference. Great packaging brings personality to your products, it helps define your brand, adds value, engages customers and induces sales.

Product Design

Giving your products the leading edge they deserve.

Design is vital in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it has a major impact on all of our lives. Superior design addresses ergonomics, functionality and technology, whilst adding value to your products. Our expertise spans the Industrial, Engineering, Medical and Consumer sectors.

Rapid Prototyping

Turning your visions and ideas into reality.

Prototyping is a significant stage in the design and engineering process, helping us validate and speed-up product development. Designeering in-house 3D printing and scanning capabilities allow us to refine your product, in turn moving rapidly to the manufacturing stage.