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Visual branding with the power to make connections and shape perceptions.

Your visual branding creates an instant first impression of your brand, so you need to make it count. Designeering creates distinguished branding that’s distinct, compelling and timeless. It will embody your brand and invoke everything you want your customers to feel.

The power of visual branding

It takes a fraction of a second for your customer to form an opinion of your brand. To decide if they like it, if they feel emotionally connected to it and if they want to find out more.

And because your customers process visuals 60,000 times faster than words, that decision is based almost solely on your visual branding.

Your visual branding is one of the main reasons customers will choose your brand over your competitors. And it’s vital for making your brand one they know, like and trust.

More than just a logo design

Your logo design is an important and essential part of your visual identity, but it’s not the only thing that needs careful consideration.

An effective visual identity is composed of several parts, including the logo, colour scheme, typography and graphic elements. There may also be visual assets, such as infographics, library photographs and illustrations.

Visual branding determines how all those elements come together, the way they’re presented and how they interact with each other.

The perception your visual branding creates will trigger both a practical and emotional response in your target audience.

Design that embodies your brand

Creating your visual identity is an in-depth process. We take into account all the elements of your brand to get the necessary insight into your business, its products, services and unique selling points.

We’ll consider the customers you want to attract, your place in the market and your competitors. And we’ll develop an understanding of your brand; its objectives, purpose, values and personality.

Your final visual identity will encapsulate all these things. It will be designed to influence how your ideal customers perceive your brand and how it makes them feel, with the ultimate objective of increasing sales.

Your visual brand in safe hands

With more than 25 years’ visual branding expertise, Designeering is au fait with creating new brands. Our branding services help businesses like yours to succeed, through the expression of a versatile and well-conceived visual identity.

Work with us and you’ll receive a consistent, personal service, dealing with the same designer for your first and future projects.

If you want the kind of visual branding that sets you apart, reach out to us today.