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Developing a product evolution strategy for the longevity of your product.

Most products evolve over time. They’re redesigned and re-released with an updated appearance and improved functions. The new designs inspire add-ons, variations and whole product lines. If you’re looking for that kind of success, Designeering can help you.

Ongoing product development

Your product development strategy doesn’t end when your product goes to market. Designing a complex product can be an ongoing concern. It’s known as product evolution and it refers to the way your product might evolve over time.

A product evolution strategy will keep your product fresh and relevant. It will explore all the options and opportunities for you to continue making returns on it, long after the first release.

Profitable product evolution

Designeering will work with you to formulate a winning product evolution strategy. We’ll look at your product analytically and objectively to consider all the avenues that might be open to you.

This process will reveal a range of different options to shape the ongoing development of your product and plan for a more profitable future.

After a time, it’s usually advisable to refresh the design and upgrade the functionality of the product. You might also introduce variations of your product with a range of different capabilities and price points.

There might be scope to create a range of products based on the original. Or make your product modular, portable or a plug-in. You can also create upselling opportunities with product add-ons and upgrades.

Fulfilling your product’s potential

When you work with Designeering, you’ll be investing in your product’s future potential and money-making capabilities.

We have all the knowledge, ideas and design expertise you need for your product evolution and development. To help you make the most of all the opportunities available to you.

To create a product that stands the test of time, speak with us today.