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Concept design and idea development to take your invention to the next level.

Every best-selling product started with an idea. Designeering will take your new product idea or invention design and help you develop it. With 25 years’ expertise in product design and development, we’ll look at everything, from function and practical considerations to aesthetics.

New product idea ?

You’ve had an idea for an innovative new product. And you want to take it further, but you’re not sure where to start.

This is where Designeering can help you. We’re experts in product design and development and we’ve taken many projects from an initial idea to creating a working and marketable product.

Concept design

The concept design stage involves imagining and visualising ideas for your product. You can choose to be involved, or give us carte blanche to create something par excellence.

At this stage, we’ll look critically and objectively at each idea, its raison d’être and potential capabilities. We’ll consider who will be using your product and how. And we’ll look for other ways it might be improved, or adapted for new markets.

We’ll also assess the pros, cons and feasibility of each concept and explain the best way forward.

Idea development

The product design process continues with idea development. We’ll look at the product sizing and shapes in more detail, suggest materials for each of the components and consider the colours, finishes and branding.

We’ll present our findings and recommendations to you, along with revised concept drawings and drafted technical illustrations. When we’ve agreed on the best idea to be developed, we can move on to the CAD engineering stage.

See your product come to life

If you have a new product idea you want to realise, Designeering can help. As professional product designers, we’ve worked on many successful product design and development projects and have 14 registered patents.

It’s our in-depth understanding of the process that makes us the ideal partner to support you.

So if you think your product is a winner and you want to take the next step, let’s make it happen.