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Making your machines marketable with casing design and product aesthetics.

Your machine plays a vital part, but does it look the part? To make your machines and mechanisms marketable, you need to consider the casing design and product aesthetics. Designeering will enhance your product’s visual appeal with bespoke machine casing design and branding.

Practical machine casing design

Of course, your casing design is more than just product aesthetics. It must also be designed so your machine will run safely, cleanly and efficiently.

Depending on your machine and its functions, your casing may need to be resistant to vibrations, shocks, heat and humidity. It may also need hygiene protection or noise reduction properties. And your end users will need access to key components, for ease of maintenance, cleaning, repairs and component replacements.

These are all considerations we take into account when creating your casing design and deciding on the most suitable materials, fastenings, finishes and production methods.

Product aesthetics that sell

Customers are naturally drawn to products that look good. So it makes sense that if you want to sell more machines, you need to consider your product aesthetics.

Designeering specialises in machine casing design that will give your product a competitive edge. For a machine that’s appealing to look at, user friendly and easy to operate.

Your machine will look fresh and modern with innovative styling that positions it way ahead of the competition. The user interface will be distinct and clear for the best end-user experience. And if you need machine branding, we can help with that, too.

The perfect mix of form and function

If you need help with your machine casing design or product aesthetics, Designeering has the ideal mix of commercial understanding, material knowledge and manufacturing expertise.

We can provide everything your product needs. From a sturdy, functional and aesthetically pleasing machine casing, to distinctive, unmistakable branding and a clear, user-friendly control panel interface.

If this is what you’re looking for, send us an email.