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Designing visually tasty ethnic packagings.

Global Fine Foods Branding, Packaging

Designeering worked with Global Fine Foods on numerous projects, including food packaging design and production, brand creation and company brand guardianship. We helped the client to develop multiple ethnic food brand concepts.

An adventurous ethnic food company

A family-run business, Global Fine Foods built its reputation on age old recipes, handed down through each generation. They began supplying top local hotels and caterers with finger foods as The Samosa Company. Over the years, the company evolved to include three more brands, supplying some of the finest establishments in the UK with complete menu solutions, including a dedicated new product development team.

Designeering first began working with the owners of Global Fine Foods in the late nineties. The client felt that producing finger foods for food service was too restrictive; they wanted to appeal to a wider consumer audience and approach leading supermarket chains. Their food range was primarily ethnic, including Indian, Chinese, Thai and other worldwide specialities.

Reinventing the wheel for rebrand and logo

The food and drink industry is very fast-paced. Therefore, we had to regularly reinvent brands and graphics to ensure our client stayed current and ahead of the competition.

Through bespoke packaging design and production liaison, we supported the client on an ongoing basis with innovative designs and graphics to suit the individual food brands. The designs, colours and visual schemes reflected each respective ethnicity.

Over the years, Designeering went on to develop numerous brands for Global Fine Foods, which included bespoke packaging solutions.

Designeering developed three ethnic food brands for the company: Jules Harvey, The Bombay Curry Company and Kitchen Monkey. This involved engineering numerous sleeves and bespoke food packaging, including packaging labels and take-away grab bag designs.

We carried out a rebranding exercise, resulting in a new parent company logo; a striking 3-dimensional pestle and mortar merged into globe logo design. We also designed company literature, exhibition materials, corporate stationery and the website.

Brand presence in Harvey Nichols

Designeering successfully worked with Global Fine Foods for over a decade. We created custom-branded food packaging designs and also supported the client with production, brand creation and company brand guardianship.

The client’s brands sold in supermarkets, such as Costco, with a smaller food batch production in Harvey Nichols.

What the client says

I was impressed with Designeering’s ability to bring innovation in such a crowded and saturated market.

Designeering worked with us for over 10 years and during this time, Sébastien created vibrant, market current and cost effective packaging solutions that always took into consideration the target audience.

The food industry is extremely fast-paced and Designeering always delivered early despite the tight deadlines to ensure we put our new products in front of consumers in record time.

Sébastien’s technical packaging design ability alongside his branding and graphic design skills have been a great asset to the company and I have no hesitation in recommending Designeering for your next project.

Greg Geatons, Food Technologist

Developing creative food brand concepts

If you are a food company looking to develop creative brand concepts, Designeering can help you showcase your food products to retailers and supermarkets. We offer innovative packaging design and product engineering. Our innovative visual branding will help your food brands stand out in a competitive market.

Tell us about your next food project and we will develop your brand and packaging concepts, contact us today to discuss your ideas in more details.