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Developing an invention into a viable product.

Animal Innovation Product, Prototyping

Designeering provided full product design and development for the Infinity Bowl, an innovative self-filling pet water dispenser. Our contribution turned the original invention from a rough prototype into a manufacturable and marketable luxury product.

An animal lover with a unique new product idea

Animal Innovation Ltd is a family-run company based in Leicester.

With eight dogs of his own, managing director, Nigel Kube, understood the importance of making sure his pets had a constant supply of fresh, clean water.

He also observed that pet owners are not always at home.

So he invented the Infinity Bowl, a self-filling water bowl for dogs and cats, designed to be integrated in the kitchen.

An invention in need of development

Nigel knew his invention could solve a problem for lots of busy pet owners. But it needed developing into the kind of luxury product they could see the benefit of and would want on display in their kitchens.

He was impressed with Designeering’s credentials and track record in product design and development. So he asked if we could help.

Overcoming the challenges

The client’s original invention prototype used a toilet cistern floating device to regulate the level of the water. But, although it performed its intended function, this was too bulky and needed a rethink.

Instead, we recommended a more compact, integrated floating valve. With our experience and contacts in China, we were able to source the exact part we needed. We then designed the Infinity Bowl assembly around this part.

Initially we looked at manufacturing the bowl in glass, but this was problematic and would have been too expensive.

We switched to an injection-moulded transparent polycarbonate bowl, which solved the problems and made more sense economically. The tooling and plastic injection moulding of the bowl was done in Leicester.

In the first design, the bowl was smooth. But the client wanted to integrate LED lighting into the design, and had a vision of a faceted internal surface for the bowl that would be more reflective. We were able to create this for him.

To make life easy for pet owners, the Infinity Bowl had to be easy to install.

The final design has a stainless steel unit that braces the kitchen units plinth, the polycarbonate bowl and a cover sub-assembly that clips onto the bowl.

We also designed bespoke brackets to hold the tap and float valve. For the prototype, we 3D printed these in our studio. But for the final product, we had them professionally tooled and injection moulded in China.

All of the stainless steel sheet metal fabrication was done in the UK.

In the later stages of the product design process we had to make some changes to integrate a quarter-turn latch. This was needed to prevent pets from pulling the Infinity Bowl away from its base. We achieved this successfully, in a short timeframe and with minimal amendments to the final design.

Delivering the client’s vision

The client understood what he wanted his product to be. But he didn’t know how to make it manufacturable and marketable.

Designeering helped him to take his original invention idea and transform it into a luxury, functional and aesthetically pleasing product.

The product fulfilled all the aims and objectives. All the components were designed, sourced and manufactured within the original budget. The finished product is easy to install, maintain and keep clean. And it has the aesthetic of a quality, luxury product.

Do you have a new product idea for development?

If you have an invention or new product idea that you’d like to take to the next stage, Designeering has all the skills and expertise you need. We can take your original concept and develop it into a desirable, fully functional product that can be manufactured professionally and economically.

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