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Why it’s worth investing in your visual branding.


Your visual branding is the first thing your customers see. And they’ll use it to form an instant opinion of your company, before they’ve read a single word of text. The key is creating a first impression that’s striking, inviting, irresistible, and that makes your customers want to find out more.

What is visual branding?

Visual branding is the aesthetic embodiment of your brand. It’s created with a clear intent and strategy to visually communicate your brand’s purpose, values and personality.

Your visual identity is made up of several elements, which include your logo, colour scheme and typography. When used consistently together, they create a strong and memorable brand that makes a connection with your target market and gives you a competitive edge.

The most effective visual branding is applied across the whole business. From the website, stationery and marketing materials to the uniforms and vehicles.

The cost of bad visual branding

Research conducted by Google shows that users form design opinions of a website in just 17 milliseconds. But the same could be applied to any of your visual marketing materials. And with so much riding on that vital first impression, is it really worth making a bad one?

How would you feel about a company that gave you a flimsy self-printed business card? What if their logo was a piece of poor quality clipart? Or if they directed you to a questionable DIY website that looked wholly unprofessional?

Would you think this was a company that could solve all your problems? Or would you immediately start looking for a better one?

If your visual branding looks dated, amateurish or inconsistent, there’s a high risk that it’s giving the wrong message and turning potential customers away.

Graphic designers have skills you don’t

You might think you’re the best person to design your branding. After all, you have excellent taste, you know what looks good, and there are lots of readily available DIY design apps out there.

But what if you’re not as capable as you think you are? And what if your branding appeals to you, but not the customers you’re trying to attract?

Professional designers have a more profound awareness when it comes to visual branding. They recognise the significance of colours and what they represent. They understand how a typeface can influence a customer’s perception of quality, style and price. And they know how to translate your brand values and personality into effective visual themes.

They’re also technically proficient, with a solid understanding of digital and print outputs.

They’ll get to know your brand

If a designer is charging low rates, they will likely be taking on a high volume of projects to make their money. They’ll be working quickly and without the necessary level of care. Branding design that’s created this way is often average and generic.

Professional branding designers will get to know your brand inside out. They’ll take the time to ask the right questions and will do the necessary research to understand your target market, your industry and your competitors.

The resulting visual branding will truly represent you, differentiate you, and seal your position within your market.

They understand the value of timelessness

Some designers follow the latest design fads, with on-trend typefaces and edgy stylised graphics. But these often date quickly and don’t last well.

Reputable branding designers understand the value of brand longevity and create designs that will stand the test of time.

Your branding designs will be original

So-called amateur designers often cut corners. They might adapt existing templates or recycle old designs rather than developing new ones.

You could find your branding is very similar, or even identical, to what they’ve done for other companies. And there could be legal implications if plagiarism is proven.

Professional designers take pride in creating original branding from scratch. Your designs will be exclusively created for your brand and nobody else’s.

Your visual identity will inspire confidence

You want potential customers to see that you take your business seriously and to know that yours is the right company to give them what they need.

A professional visual identity instantly gives the appearance of an established, credible and recognisable company. It will transform your brand into something that makes you feel proud and confident and will help to build your customers’ trust.

How do you choose a designer?

Asking your designer to fix branding that’s been designed badly elsewhere isn’t always successful. So, when choosing a branding designer, it’s best to get it right first time and start with a clean sheet.

To get an idea of their style, look at their online portfolio and the work they’ve done for other clients. Their website and/or blog should also give you some of idea of how they work and what to expect.

Check their reviews and see what other clients have said. Look at independent reviews as well as those on their website.

Finally, get in touch with the designer and have a chat about what you need. If you have a good connection and they make you feel confident and comfortable, these are all good signs to take the project further.

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