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Building on our working relationships in China.

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Designeering works with clients in China. We also act as a manufacturing liaison, helping British product creators to source Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. This is the story of how attending the Hangzhou Expo helped us gain new business and build better working relationships in China.

Business opportunities in China

Many British companies use Chinese manufacturers, whether it’s for supplies they need or getting their products made more cost-effectively.

But China is also a great place to sell your products and services, as Designeering has found.

An introduction to Chinese expos

Exhibitions have become increasingly popular in China as a way of unifying civic entertainment and business. Most big cities are desperately competing to be known internationally as the most open and cultured city in China. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen all host their own annual expos.

An increasing demand for creative services

China has always played a key role in global manufacturing and mass production. But the ideas of mass production and creativity are not always synonymous.

Hangzhou is striving to become a Tier 1 city, like Beijing and Shanghai. To achieve this, they have given opportunities to countless British companies in the creative industry. These companies have worked closely with Chinese businesses to propose innovative and original design ideas.

How Designeering is helping companies in China

Designeering has worked closely with a number of Chinese companies for nearly two decades. And with innovative marketing, clever engineering and modern design, we have transformed their corporate brands and products.

Projects have ranged from engineering and branding laminating machines, to our latest undertaking: reinventing a bagging machine for the Chinese farming sector.

Our relationships with these companies have helped to ensure their success in Europe, America and worldwide.

A profitable expo

The Hangzhou Expo gave Designeering the chance to reconnect with former suppliers and introduce ourselves to new ones.

Projects arising from the event included the machine design and branding for a high-speed nail-making machine, multi-lingual instruction manuals for a surgical mask-making machine, an eco pouch laminator and its packaging.

The business potential of attending an event like this is huge and these are just a handful of the projects we discussed with our new contacts.

Exploring opportunities in China

If this post has inspired you and you want to explore the possibility of trading with China, the best place to start is the China-Britain Business Council.

The Council is the leading organisation for helping British companies to grow and develop their business with China. On their website, you’ll find a variety of resources, training aids and advice to help you get started.

Are you a Chinese business looking for a UK-based creative partner?

If you’re a manufacturer looking for help with product design, Designeering can help. We offer the perfect blend of French creativity and British innovation to give your product a more competitive edge in the global market.

You can find further details on our multilingual website, in Chinese or French.

Are you looking to source manufacturers in China?

Finding the right Chinese manufacturers could really benefit your business. But trying to source them yourself can be tricky and there are many pitfalls to avoid.

Designeering has a network of connections in China and offers expert manufacturing liaison.

You can read more about our manufacturing liaison services, or call us on 0116 403 0530 to discuss your needs.