Do you want your products to be the first to market?

We can make a model to specification, meaning you can be on the market sooner.

3D print is the fastest, most cost effective way to rapidly prototype the designs we create for you. Our concept development and visualisation skills are invaluable when communicating an idea. The process we follow provides insight, meaning we create better products for you.

3D Printing

Do you want to see a model of your product before it’s manufactured?

We have a versatile and quick way of assessing the fit and function of machine parts; simply by 3D printing your designs to a high quality using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

With the help of additive manufacturing, we can even produce low volume production runs for field testing.

3D Scanning

Do you need assistance with reverse engineering a part or product?

We can swiftly collect detailed and accurate surface information of physical 3D objects, people or rooms and convert them as CAD files to design superior products.

3D scanning is an effective way to create CAD files for components and help us understand how products work. We can help you utilise 3D technology to scale objects up or down.

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