Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen all host their own expo each year. Expos have become increasingly popular in China, most big cities are desperately competing to be known internationally as the most open and cultured city in China. Despite the UK initially utilising the creative sector for economic use, China has since developed their own unique, creative platforms in which to display their cultural development.

The aim of the Expo was to unify both civic entertainment and business. With help from the local government and several sponsors, the Hangzhou Expo attracts exhibitors from around the world. This year, the committee invited creative businesses across the Midlands and provide them with the opportunity to connect with key cultural and creative enterprises, allowing them to get a taste of the immense market opportunity in China. The UK was the official guest country for this year’s Expo, as a result, a pavilion was built and used as a platform to showcase the UK’s creativity. There was an estimated audience of approximately 400,000 people, 70% of which were professionals in retail, manufacturing, design and media, therefore providing companies with the perfect opportunity to advertise, not only their brand, but their creative potential.

China has always played a key role in the world of manufacturing and mass production, but often, mass production can be viewed as the opposite of creativity. Therefore, their demand for creative services continues to increase. In a bid to become a Tier 1 city, much like Beijing and Shanghai, Hangzhou has provided countless British companies within the creative industry the opportunity to work closely with Chinese businesses and suppliers to propose innovative, original design ideas. Hangzhou have certainly taken advantage of the ever growing British creative exports into China.

Having worked closely with companies in China for over ten years, aiding them with engineering and branding of laminating machines, Designeering continue to improve its Chinese market. We have injected innovative marketing, clever engineering and modern design concepts into corporate brands and products. This is a creative service provided exclusively by Designeering. With an innate sense of creativity, we seek to make a difference to China’s manufacturing scene, not only ensuring their success within the European and American market, but the global one as well.

China already has the ability to succeed in the creative industry. As of May 2018, it was found that China currently have nine of the biggest technology companies in the world, with their domestic growth being increasingly driven by domestic consumption.

Large companies such as Alibaba and Tencent, both specialising in online retail and Artificial Intelligence (AI), became established in Hangzhou. DJI, a company based in Shenzhen, was founded in 2006. They specialise in the production of Drones and now accounts for over 70% of the global market. Proving that innovative ideas, creative concepts and mass production in combination can indeed be a success for China and its businesses in the global market. The dream of “Made in China 2025” will certainly come true.

Whilst attending the Expo in Hangzhou, Designeering was able to reconnect with former suppliers and work closely with new ones, presenting us with the opportunity to get involved with new projects initiated by Chinese companies. In January 2019, Designeering will begin talks with several different companies to discuss the development and progress of one some of our new projects. These include a design for a wire drawing machine company which exports a great amount to the world annually. Developing from contacts gathered at this year’s Hangzhou Expo, we have also been asked to design some technical packaging for a children’s clothing company as well as carrying out work on a Chinese medicine ginseng business’ branding and packaging. These are just a handful of considerations that will be discussed with our new contacts.

This unique opportunity being part of the Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo allows us to demonstrate our intrinsic creative flare and our innovative designing capability. Currently, several opportunities are being explored as a result of Designeering having attended the event. The Expo presented us with the perfect platform on which to endorse our brand and values. Designeering looks forward to working with the companies we connected with during the event, infusing their businesses with original concepts and innovative designs.

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20 December 2018